About Me

Hi, I'm Tracy! I guess on this page I'm supposed to tell you a little about myself. I'm a Charlotte native, born and raised in the Queen City. I'm a full time graphic designer and marketing coordinator with a little photography on the side. I like to look at life a little different and pay attention to the lines and details. Sometimes you just need a different perspective to see the beauty of it all.

My main photography topic is transportation (cars, trains, motorcycles) but I love some good band/entertainment pictures and I'm branching off to do cosplay portraits which sounds like a blast. I also do the normal portraits, headshot, prom and senior pics too. Most weekends you can find me at area Cruise-Ins taking pictures.

So why Dead Bunny Photography? It's simple, when my son was young, we made up a song called "Dead Bunny" to the tune of Black Betty. (because we have a weird sense of humor)

Ooooh Dead Bunny, Bam a Lam

Ooooh Dead Bunny, Bam a Lam

Bunny got in the road, Bam a Lam

Thought he saw a toad, Bam a Lam

Here comes a car, Bam a Lam

Bunny ain't no more, Bam a Lam

Oooooh Dead Bunny, Bam a Laaaaaaam